Born in 1951 to two Kodak employees, and the proud owner of a Brownie camera at the early age of six, Moira Barrett has been a lover of the visual arts for close to half a century!

Moira graduated from Buffalo State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and has completed coursework in the Radcliffe Landscape Design program and the MassArt Graphic Design program. She studied pinhole photography with Marion Roth at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, and has participated in the Photo Atelier at Lesley Seminars. She has exhibited her work at Lesley University and the Cambridge Art Association’s “Blue”, “Red” and “Northeast Prize” shows.

Moira has held various positions in her field, from silkscreen artist at Bambini (remember the Virginia Woolf t-shirts advertised in The New Yorker?) to lab manager at Boris Color Lab. In recent years, she has held positions at Copy Cop(Production Manager), Dynagraf(Digital Photo Re-toucher), and most recently Seaport Graphics, as Manager of Small Format printing. She is now working on a MFA in Visual Arts at Lesley University/ AIB. Moira is married to Johanna Schulman, a financial planner, lives in Cambridge, and is the parent of Annie, age 11.

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