Artist Statement

In my most recent work "Power & Grace," I subtly manipulate photographs of women playing basketball, in order to question feminine stereotypes and explore the implications of portraying women in powerfully executed athletic roles. I seek to challenge the traditional cultural codes of femininity. Rejecting the confines of traditional gender roles, I strive towards imagery of woman as heroic. Female athletes offer us a new way to view women: there is beauty to be found in their sweat and strain. Women basketball players give us a glimpse of what true power and grace can look like.

My work “Thicker than Water” is the exploration of my family as we struggle to form our own identities, individually and as a group, set against the backdrop of the commonplace occurrences of family life. We are an older lesbian couple with an adopted Chinese daughter making our way through middle America. Our familial narrative displays our own secrets and truths that highlight our similarities and differences to the society that we live in. We have come together by choice rather than convention, by chance rather than biology, and thus face special challenges as we create our family. I have tried to reveal our individual identities in the small moments of every day life and to be as honest in that portrayal as I possibly can. While my subject matter is intensely personal, my goal is to convey something that can be experienced on many different levels by many different people.

“Surface Tension” is the result of a manual transfer process in which the end product cannot be entirely controlled. During the process, the image emerges or unfolds gradually, panel by panel. This work examines water -- its fluidity, its interaction with light and darkness, its mystery, and how the human body reacts to that stimulus.


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